Even in secondary schools

It was funny but a real story… a owner a school in ikorodu favours some people over the rest not bcause of what they did but because they are not from his tribe. He passes aggression to those that are not from his tribe when his tribesmen committes offence that is purnishable. Please people is this fair .???????…
Send me ur opinion and let’s know what ur story is like….


Love life in lagos is often received with mixed raction, friends making choices for others because they are from different tribe, parents forbiding their children from associating with people from another tribe, companies favouring one tribe ove another, in-laws ganging up against their daughter or son’s family because they disobeyed them and married the person they loved. It is creeping in gradually and spreading like cancer and I know for sure many of us have been victims of this tribal madness. Welcome to Ndubuife Nonso’s blog where I will be writing about the negative effects of tribalism in Nigeria. Thanks for reading

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